About Us

Sheerwood International School was borne out of the desire to make a difference in the life of the Nigerian child and in the educational sector by imparting in each child a sense of justice, generosity of spirit, integrity, tolerance and responsibility by adopting a curriculum of international standard.

The school is of Christian orientation and the task of the school is character- building to help the children discover their God- given purpose in life through appreciating their own uniqueness as individuals and thereby be able to participate and contribute positively to the Nigerian & International societies.



Tolerance, hope, generosity, courage, friendship, responsibility, peace, wisdom, integrity, respect, justice, trust, truthfulness, creativity, service, perseverance, forgiveness, compassion, excellence.


Excellence ,Generosity, Courage and Responsibility.


We are passionate about building a world class school , raising the bar in education by providing the best facilities and teachers, guiding each child to find purpose at an early age and express himself or herself without fear or a sense of limitation .


To bring up every child well, instilling values of integrity and excellence with a sense of responsibility and purpose.


The uniform reflects the school character and greatly contributes to a child’s sense of belonging and pride in their school. The school colors are navy blue, golden yellow, red, orange, white and green. Sheerwood international school’s pinafores, shorts, shirts, blouses, polo shirts, cardigans, books and bags all bearing the school’s branding are on sale at the school offices

Please note that nail varnish, make up, colored hair, hair beads and bold jewellery are deemed inappropriate for school. Children should wear black-colored flat shoes with white socks; Girls are expected to wear long white stockings or leggings. White sports shoes with white socks are worn on sports days only.

All clothing, bags, pencil cases, flasks and bottles must be clearly named. Mobile phones, iPods, computer games, toys etc. shall not be permitted in school.


Governing council

This is the Team that bore the vision to set up the school and also sit as an advisory council, guiding the management team.

Management Team

Our school is managed by a team of refined and well experienced persons, who work with a strong vision to ensure the school makes positive impact in our society

We are a values-based school and we promote our vision of instilling right values in every child. In view of the curriculum & policy objectives, the school will seek to achieve the following especially in the Early Years but also in the following Keystages

  • To encourage each child to persevere without fear of failing
  • To encourage each child to be kind and compassionate towards others
  • To teach children to express themselves appropriately & practice self-control
  • To teach each child about sharing and being part of a group
  • To ensure every child learns in a fun and exciting way
  • To encourage language & communication with other children and adults
  • To offer each child the most suitable stimuli for their stage of development
  • To help each child with understanding the basic concepts of mathematics and through the stages
  • To teach each child about their five senses and how to use them
  • To help children recognize and identify, shapes, colors and sounds and to understand the concepts of length, weight and volume and going on to problem solving and independent & critical thinking
  • – To help children understand their own bodies
  • – To provide a greater understanding of the world and the different cultures
  • – To teach children respect for themselves and others
  • – To help each child develop the skill and coordination required to control writing tools and basic literacy and then go on to verbal reasoning and vocabulary development


We want to be known as a healthy school and we encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. We have facilities to provide healthy and balanced diets for the children and we encourage parents if they wish to pack lunches for their children to ensure healthy diets too.

At Sheerwood, we ensure that all adults working at the school are committed to safeguarding our children, we observe safety measures at all times

First aid boxes are available at the school with trained staff to administer . A nurse will come in periodically and whenever needed. Specific teachers and teaching assistants are trained to administer first aid treatments, if and when required.


After school activities start by 1:45pm for nursery and 2:15pm for primary and closes at 5pm sharp. Please endeavor to pick up your children on time. Remember that parents who pick up their children will be charged late pick up fine

After school activities include, doing homework with assistance from their teachers, children would have extra math and English lessons, they can participate in the foreign languages classes, music lessons, Nigerian languages, ballet classes, outdoor playtime and much more