Our Staff


Our staff are carefully selected it is pertinent to us to engage qualified, young and vibrant staff, who have love for children, embrace the school’s vision and are passionate about imparting the society through laying the right foundation by raising up children in the right way.

Our Ratios

Our staff to child ratio is guided by international regulations for nursery age as follows:
Under 2 years –      1:3
2 years –                  1:4
2-5 years-                1:8

Our class limit for Grade classes is 15 per class.

A qualified and experienced member of staff cares for each group of children

All teachers must have the required qualifications. Our policy is to ensure all staff obtain First Aid & Food Hygiene qualifications within 1 year of appointment also at least 2 staff will be trained as Fire Champions for the school; these training will be kept up to date

Key Care Staff System

The aim of our key care Staff System is to:

  • Ensure that all children receive continued care in all aspects of their development
  • Ensure an appropriate environment where children feel safe, loved and secure is provided
  • Focus on developing the child’s self confidence and interactive skills
  • Ensure the health and well-being of the child is considered with utmost importance and that the child’s caring and development needs are met
  • Ensure parents and guardians are kept informed of all aspects of their child’s progress
  • Ensure implementation of all short and long term plans
  • Ensure smooth transition processes to next class