Remember These

Notes to Remember

  • At least a week before your child in nursery resumes, you need to call in to book settling in sessions, children in the Primary Section do not require settling in sessions; they come with their parents for a school tour before enrolment
  • The school does not receive cash payments, POS payments are acceptable , evidence of online transfers should be submitted to the school after payments for proper reconciliation
  • Admission fees are non refundable
  • If a child in the nursery section is attached to a special toy from home, this will only be allowed within the first 2 weeks of starting school after which it will no longer be allowed, parents should endeavor to ‘wean’ their children from the toys early enough
  • Parents should not use plastic bags for their children’s belongings as a safety precaution
  • All your child’s belongings should be properly tagged from home for easy identification
  • Spare clothes are advised for children in early years and lower primary
  • Food for your child if you wish to provide your own, if a parent fails to provide food for their child, the school will provide and send the bill to the parent
  • Late pick up of children is highly discouraged. Parents will be charged by the hour for pick up from 2 hours after school
  • In the daycare & nursery section, if your child uses specific diaper brand and is allergic to any other, ensure this is indicated on the enrollment form and also ensure enough diapers and toiletries for your child are provided at all times
  • Parents are to provide face and hand towels for their children per term. These should be properly tagged

Things we need to know

  • We need to know all about your child to enable us help your child settle and come up with an appropriate care plan
  • We need to have all relevant medical information for your child
  • We need to have the parents full contact details and numbers to call in case of an emergency
  • Kindly let us know if your details change especially your phone number

Things you need to know

  • Do not send your child to school if they are sick. We operate a 24-hr exclusion policy if your child has diarrhoea
  • If your child has cough and catarrh, we ask that they are completely free of infection before they return
  • If your child has conjunctivitis, chicken pox, measles, mumps or any infectious disease. Please let the child stay home till full recovery
  • If your child is on prescribed medication, you must sign a medication consent form if you require we help you administer the medication
  • If your child is asthmatic and uses an inhaler, please submit one to the school clearly labelled
  • If your child has an accident while in school, we will call immediately and afterwards, write a report note to you with the details of what happened and actions taken
  • Periodically, we will send feedback request forms to parents, for feedback, ideas and suggestions. A feedback/ contact us form is available always on our website, we will be glad to read from you and always tell us how you feel about us and our services

School Timing

  • School starts at 8am and closes at 1:30pm for nursery and 2pm for primary, except on Thursdays, both the nursery and primary, close by 2pm
  • PlayGroup and After School Services close at 5pm. The PlayGroup closes latest 20th December, each year.
  • Assembly commences daily at 8am prompt; Assembly is essential to the school day.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • All parents should note that since our school is currently located on a narrow street Tende Street, they should be careful when parking their vehicles so as not to constitute nuisance on the street causing traffic
  • The school gate will remain locked until school over
  • Parents are not allowed to park or wait in their cars within the school premises.